10 best smartwatches under 2000 October 2019

10 best smartwatches under 2000 October 2019

10 best smartwatches under 2000  October

Are you looking for the best budget smartwatches in October 2019??

If yes here is a collection of 10 best smartwatches under 2000 October 2019 

Technology is changing the world every day by providing us with new ideas and innovations. We are currently living in a smart world where every gadget is smart in its own way.

Best smartwatch under 2000 October 2019-Technology has so much power that it can turn an object into a smart gadget and now wristwatch has changed the way to become smart. Where wearable watches were always used to tell time, they can now tell you a lot more than this.
The new smartwatch technology is planned and designed in such a way that it can keep an eye on our health and fitness, calorie intake per day vs. how much we should actually take, our BMI, calories burned, how many steps we talked today, how much water content, all this and much more can be known and recorded from the greasy band wrapped around the wrist.
Nowadays smartwatches is dominating the gadgets market and are in high demand. This demand gave birth to many manufacturers to produce diverse designs and models of smart bands. Due to such a huge number of brands, styles, and models, it is sometimes difficult for customers to choose the right one with all the specifications that they are looking for. 

To avoid such confusions I have prepared a list of 10 best smartwatch (es) under 2000 October 2019 by doing proper research with all my efforts so that I can provide you relevant information related to this topic.

Let us have look at 10 best smartwatches under 2000 October 2019

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1.Aeifond Smart Watch

10 top smartwatches below RS2000  October

For those buyers who are eager to buy a new and feature-rich smartwatch for themselves, Aeifond smartwatch would be perfect for them. This BlueTooth smartwatch is very light and comfortable, you can connect it with the phone, can check your recent contacts, can answer the phone, check your heartbeats. It comes with a stainless steel surface with the precise laminating process. It is provided ith Nano TPU85 material strap and anti-sweat mat surface treatment and water-resistant which makes the wearing more comfortable.
🔵Read Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and other application push messages view and reply text messages
🔵You can make phone calls directly from the smartwatch, including answering and dial-up
🔵Two-way Anti-lost. Pedometer
🔵Remote capture, Calculator, Alarm clock, Calendar, Camera (0.3M)
🔵Image viewer, Music Player, Sound recorder (need put and SD card )

2.MUZILI Smart Band

10 top smartwatches below RS2000  October

MUZILI Smart Band has all the main features that a smartwatch under 2000 is supposed to have. You have to connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth to get push notifications and alerts on your smartwatch. This fitness band comes with two wrist bands one is blue and black and both look good. The fitness tracker vibrates to inform you of incoming calls, SMS messages, E-mails, calendars, such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, Wechat, Line, and many more. It can reject the call from the band directly when you are not in the situation to receive the call. This smart band automatically tracks your sleep duration and its alarm system will vibrate to wake you up without disturbing others. This fitness tracker is compatible with both Android 4.4 or above, IOS 7.1 or above.
🔵It will immediately alert you when your band is disconnected from  the phone`
🔵Track your workouts like calories counter, steps taken, distance traveled, activity durations, etc
🔵Automatically track your sleep duration and quality
🔵A super lightweight slim fitness band

3.Bingo F5 Fitness Band

10 best smartwatches under 2000  October

Its design and features make it promising smartwatch to stand out from the crowd with its unique sporty look and classic shape, Its key highlight is that it can sync call records and phone book from your phone, display the number and name of calls. It comes with an integrated pedometer that tracks your heart rate and helps you in your workouts. The device calculates the burned based on the number of steps taken. Like other smartwatches, this has also Heart Rate  & Blood pressure(Hypertension) monitor Function. Its a perfect product in this price segment and it is recommended to all but it has an issue of vibration like when the watch vibrates you fill like something is broken and shaking.
🔵3 types of Displays are Available on Date, Time and Power
🔵Message Reminder Function 
🔵OLED colorful display helps you stay notified with call, text and calendar alerts
🔵Heart Rate Monitor & Blood pressure monitor Function

4.Mi Band 3 (Black)

10 best smartwatches under 2000 October

As everyone knows that Xiaomi is the most crazed brand in the smartphone market. Now Xiaomi has also entered the smartwatch section by introducing Mi Band 3. It is a pocket-friendly fitness band with all the necessary features like touch-sensitive 3D curved glass and a touch capacitive button. It comes with a 110mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to 20days. With 0.78inch OLED display it gives you timely notifications for messages, calls and weather forecast. In addition, it is completely water-resistant so there is no need to worry during rainy days. Android users will also get a phone to unlock feature
🔵Large OLED Touch Screen
🔵Instant notifications
🔵24/7 Heart rate monitoring and Real-time activity tracking
🔵Soft and comfortable skin-friendly strap
🔵Weather, alarm, stopwatch, exercise mode
🔵Good Water-resistant up to 50m

5.YIIXIIYN Smart Watch DZ09

 smartwatches  October

This square sized smartwatch will look elegant on your wrist. With a sleek, modern design and brilliant 1.54" OLED display makes it attractive to wear. This is a great smartwatch for first-time users. It is designed with Nano TPU85 material strap, anti-sweat surface treatment, and soft strap, that makes wearing more comfortable. It has all the required features like  Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind Image viewer, Sound recorder, Remote capture, Alarm clock, Calendar, Camera (0.3M), Two-way Anti-lost. You can also make phone calls directly from the smartwatch. The smartwatch is compatible with android and iPhones but the features in the iPhone are limited
🔵Remote Music Control
🔵Sound recorder (need an SD card)
🔵Heart rate monitoring and Real-time activity tracking
🔵Timely notifications
🔵Measuring deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-sleep

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6.Fastrack Reflex 2.0 smart band

10 top best smartwatches under 2000 October

Priced at Rs1495 here is one of the best smartwatch under 2000 named new Fastrack Reflex, 2.0 fitness band. It is provided with all the features that one could ask for. It comes with 3 different colors that you can wear on different occasions. Its case shape is rectangular which is quite similar to Mi Band 3. It has also  Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU) strap which ensures proper fitting on your wrist.  This water-resistant fitness band is fully loaded with all the smartwatch features and trackers which includes T Steps, Distance and Calorie Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Call & SMS Alerts. Its selfie camera, vibrating Alarm, and Sedentary Reminder is one of the best and finest features of this watch. One more cool feature is its mobile finder which locates your phone by using GPS tracking. Its battery capacity is good enough to run this band for 10days. This band is compatible with both IOS and Android OS.
🔵Find my device feature(Phone locator)
🔵Whatsapp, messages, and call notification display
🔵Camera control
🔵Distance, Steps, Calories counter
🔵Water resistance

7.Hoteon Color Screen Fitness Watch
 smartwatches under 2000
I think you will not be able to resist buying this watch. Although this brand name may be new to you, its features are just outstanding. Its design and materials don't cause any irritation to your skin This fitness tracker is implemented with a wrist optical heart rate sensor, 24-hour automatically monitor heart rate changes, assess health level, and enhance your physical fitness. Best for monitoring optimum training levels. Hoteon Color screen fitness watch is completely waterproof which enables you to wear it while exercising, washing your hands, etc. Its 140mAh rechargeable battery with low power consumption requires only 1 hrs for a full charge that will work up to 5-10 days. You will find many included features such as a clock, alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch. If the price to product ratio is considered then this product will not disappoint you.
🔵Choose different screen display styles
🔵IP67 Waterproof or water-resistant
🔵The interface is simple and easy to use
🔵Topwatch, Timer, and Breath Training

8.MevoFit Drive Fitness Band

10 best smartwatches under 2000  October
Another brilliant smartwatch for the first time users is MevoFit Fitness Band. The watch is quite affordable and recommended one for all those who are planning to buy a fitness tracker for them. A watch to complement all your clothes, this trendy looking watch goes with almost everything you will wear & just look fabulous on your wrist.
The MevoFit Drive Fitness band keeps an accurate record of steps taken and calories burnt. It monitors sleep automatically. It is programmed to show all
the notifications from different apps and is multitouch-enabled. Its OLED touch Screen Display with Gesture Control makes this watch worth buying. It comes with a USB dongle that can be used to charge the device in your laptop's USB port. It also gives you a warranty for 1year.
🔵Steps, Distance & Calories
🔵Sleep Tracker & Sedentary Alerts
🔵MevoFit Drive - Power On/Off
🔵Multi-Sports mode
🔵Call, SMS & Social Notifications

9.Lenovo Cardio 2 

10 best smartwatches under 2000
Lenovo's offering is sure to leave you in wonder with its colorful display touchscreen. This smartwatch is made for both Android and iPhone.It comes with 100 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that provides up to 20-days of use. It has water resistance level up to 50 meters. You can use different modes such as running, walking, cycling and climbing. You won't miss any notifications from calls, SMS, Whatsapp. This smartwatch is installed with a Nordic 52832 processor that helps in lower power consumption, provides extensive memory. The wrist band is very with soft and skin-friendly which makes it comfortable to wear while sleeping as well. It has other features like vibrating alarm, all-day heart rate sensor, sedentary reminder, calorie tracker, phone finder, and sleep monitor.
🔵Dynamic Heart-Rate Monitor
🔵Smart, latest processor
🔵Water Resistant Up To 50meters
🔵Smart Notifications
🔵Added Sports Mode
🔵Sedentary Reminder
🔵Sleep Monitoring
🔵USB Direct Charge

10.Sonata SF Rush Black

best smartwatches

Everyone knows how long Sonata has been ruling the wristwatch industry. It has never failed to offer you the best quality watches at affordable prices. Now Sonata has brought this black Rectangular case shaped smartwatch which looks very amazing. Moreover, it's acrylic material that feels very soft when touched. Above all it has also activity tracker for tracking your day to day regime. The tracker provides a digital display of time, date and month along with tracking your sleep and running activity. Although this watch has some flaws under this range, this watch would be a good option

🔵Sonata SF Rush Unisex Activity Tracker
🔵Awesome OLED Display
🔵Step Counter
🔵Calorie Counter
🔵Vibration Alarms
🔵Water Resistance Depth up to 30 meters

There are many best smartwatches available under 2000 in the month of October in the market but this is the list which includes some of the best smartwatches under 2000 October 2019 as per my research& knowledge. Therefore, I recommend you to look upon these products. I hope you find it easy to choose your favorite smartwatch from this list. Please like and share this post with your near&dear ones to help them to get the best smartwatches under 2000. Thank you.


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