10 most cheap and best onlne powerbanks 2019

10 most cheap and best powerbanks 2019

What if you find your phone is running out of battery while travelling?Definitely it will make you worry .Mobile phones are getting smarter day by day and along with this its battery also drains at very faster rate due to its constant background running process which in turn create a worst situation and to overcome this problem each and every smartphone holder will choose to buy a powerbank

But it doesnt mean that we will buy whatever cheap powerbanks which are available in any power banks store or mobile store.

In today's advanced generation cunning powerbank sellers are present at every here and there store .

Therefore Every power bank buyer should have minimum knowledge of powerbanks in every aspect.Many powerbanks are available at cheaper price but their performance and duration of proper working is very less than our expectation.This in turn makes us to realise how we have commited a mistake.

While buying a power bank beside to capacity, we should consider the things like how fast the power bank would charge itself and how fast it would recharge our device, conversion rate, whether it supports pass through charging, smart charging, whether it’s portable and of course the price. So before spending your hard earned money on this inevitable device, go through our cheap and best power bank site and decide which features make up your ideal power bank.


Generally,when we plan to buy a powerbank we look for some basic things in  powerbanks   like size, speed, capacity and price. BUT  we must have depth knowledge about these factors so that we can get our desired product as per our requirement.


It is the first thing that we basically look for while searching for a powerbank.Capacity of a power bank should be of 2-4 times than that of  our mobiles batter

Before this we must also consider that there is loss of some heat energy in these powerbanks,therefore in reality we get efficiency of about 70%.That means if we buy a 10000mAh capacity powerbank ,then its actual capacity would be around 7000mAh.

NOTE: Maximum efficiency is 90%,offered by some best marteted powerbanks.y capacity so that we can go for atleast 2-3 charging of our MOBILE or ANY OTHER GADGETS. 

Speed of Charging and Discharging

The speed at which powerbanks gets charged is also as important as capacity.We can see it specified in Amp(ampere).

For exapmle if input of a powerbank is 2A, then the charger should be of 2A and 5V(energy is 10W)
but if we will use a cable of 1A and 5V(10W),it would not be able to charge the powerbank faster.
Power banks should be able to show proper battery status of the powerbank like some powerbanks have led lights which change their colour in case of low charge or fully charged case.

Size and weight of powerbanks

No one would like to carry any bulky or large sized materials during their journey times,as it makes the bagpack heavier and also occupies more space which in turn renders others items to be placed inside tthe bag,so my advice is to carry a lightr and moderately sized powebanks so that it can be placed even inside a pant or shirt pocket.

it should be kept in mind that power banks having weight ranging between 200g-250g should be bought.

No of ports 

There must be 2-3 number of ports so that multiple gadgets like bluetooth,speakers,charging lights can be charged along with mobile.We must know the power ratings of each port 

For example if a power banks is having 3 ports then port 1 and port 2 would have power ratings of 2A and 3rd one have 1A.
According to needs of a gadget we can use the respective ports for charging.

Battery used

Batteries used in power banks are same li polymer or li ion batteries which are used in mobiles but powebanks contains a chip which regulates the output current according to the requirements of  gadget and maintains battery status.
Cheap Powerbank loaded with Chinese batteries results in poor performance and elevated risks of damaging the device. Or even in some cases, the Powerbank burst out, resulting in casualty. Our compiled list has Powerbanks with good quality battery.

NOTE:Some powerbanks boxes dont give charging cable,you can use same charger that is used to charge your mobile but my suggestion is to buy a powerbanks having its own charging cable because pin of a charger sometimes gets bent or altered when we use same charger for multiple devices.

So friends keeping all the above points in mind I am giving you some of the top 10 best and cheap powerbanks of 2019.

1.Mi 10000 mAh Power Bank (PLM09ZM, 2i)  (Red/Black, Lithium Polymer)

Mi 10000 mAh Power Bank (PLM09ZM, 2i)  (Red, Lithium Polymer)

Mi 10000mAh (PLM09ZM,2i)is an elegant style and powerful portable charger with good capacity of 10000mAh that provide you more than enough power to charge your phone up to3 or 5 times. It has 2 output ports.It ha output power of 2.4A.It has power supply of 3.85V. It has width of 71.2mm , Height of 147mm , depth of 14.2mm and quite light weighted of 240gm.Other features includes 9 layer of circuit chips protection 
It has led to to indicate the fully charged or low battery case.

2.Philips 11000 mAh Power Bank (DLP6006B)  (Black, Lithium-ion)

Looking for the external battery power bank that supply with their own cable, now you find the one.Then philips(DLP6006B).For the black lover, you must be in love with this.
This powerbank comes with microusb cable,warranty card and user manual in package.
It comes with 3 power supply ports having 5V/2.1A ,5V/1A.Its best part is led torch which can light a room in dark.It is very portable having height,width and weight of 144mm,65mm,323mm respectively.Philips gives 1 year manufacturing  warranty to its customers

 3.Intex 12500 mAh Power Bank (IT-PB12.5K)(White, Grey, Lithium-ion)

Intex 12500 mAh Power Bank (IT-PB12.5K) is the 3rd best power bank in India.This portable power bank from Intex features a 12500 mAh battery to help you charge your smartphone on-the-go. It comes with 3 USB ports and is compatible with most mobiles.Its output power is 5V/1A(Max) &2 x 5V/2.1A(Max).It give an output of about 7800 to 8000 milliampere and also it charges devices very quickly.Its width is 64mm, height is 140mm, weight is 290g.Intex also provides a warranty for about 1 year for manufacture defects.

4.Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank P-1111 (Black)

This powerbank by ambrane acts as a best emergency backup power.It is octagonally shaped which make its look comparitively more attractive.It comes with over charge protection,LED indicators,over current protection and a high quality chipset.Its buttons are arranged in a manner that it can be used smoothly.It is having 2 outputs of 5V/2.1A.Its battery is li-ion type.It weighs 277gms.In box you can get a usb cable(2A) which completely charges the powerbank within 4-5 hrs.

5.Syska 10000 mAh Power Bank (Power Boost 100)  (White, Lithium-ion)

In addition to all the above powerbanks i spent a while with syska 10000 mAh as well.Ithas dual usb output .Output1 and output 2 both have outout dc power of 5V/2.1A which allows to charge two devices simultenously.We can get a charging cable in the box.One of the most attractive feature is its style which makes it convenient to carry.Its weight is 285gm,width 62mm & height 22mm.Its main cons is its warranty period which is only 6months and 10 days replacement.But overall its is compact,lightweight and compact at very affordable price.

6.Ambrane 20000 mAh Power Bank (PP-20)  (Red, Lithium Polymer)

Another amazing powerbank by Ambrane(PP-20).After looking at the product it was preety hard to ignore the device.This comes with 20000mAh capacity which iis Li-Polymer.This device is provided with some features like temperature resistance,Reset mechanism,Over charge and descharge protection,incorrect insertion protection,Compact size and light weight.

Its design is just awesome.Though the product is priced very low, it has been provided with high-quality internal circuits. The power bank has been provided with a classy design, lively colour combination, elegant looks and an LED Indicator. The device which measures 16.0 x 7.1 x 2.5 cm in dimension, weighs 352gms and is only available in pink colour. On purchase of the device, you will receive within the box a Power Bank, a micro-USB Cable and a User Manual.

7.Lenovo 10400 mAh Power Bank (GXV0Q56142, PA10400)(Gold, Lithium-ion)

The Lenovo PA13000 13000 mAh Power bank is a beast of a power bank from a trusted brand like Lenovo. It combines specifications and features at an attractive pricing. The power bank is made from high-grade materials, and the matte exterior it has gives it a premium finish. The power backup and efficiency is exceptional for the price paid. Charging speed is extremely quick compared to most power banks I have tested.It comes with two output ports of 5V/2A.It takes minimum of 4-5 hours for charging.Although it shows 10400 but its actual charge is 7000-8000mAh.I can say it is quite heavy.But overall its product to price ratio is good and it would not make you feel that the product I have  bought went in vain

8.LECO 15000 mAh Power Bank (15000mAh, Stylish White Body)  (White, Lithium-ion)

The Leco 15000mAh Power bank is a solid option if you are looking for a powerbank for your smartphone.The stylish white design and smooth finish makes it an attractive accesory to buy.Power storage capacity is the best part of this gadget in this price range which can charge a phone 4-5 times a day.One of the best and unique specification is that it shows charging status in digital numbers(25 50 75 100).This powerbank has also some security features like securing it from power fluctiations and short circuits.On the otherside this powerbank is bulky compared to its counterparts.But its compactness makes it comfortable to carry around.

9.Intex 20000 mAh Power Bank (IT-PB 20K Poly)  (White, Lithium Polymer)

This intex powerbank is quite expensive to buy than otherbanks but it is worth every penny you spent.Its huge capacity of 20000mAh powerbank is outstanding and it is more tham enough to  charge a 5000mAh phone 4 times a day.Its battery efficiency is 80% whereas other powerbanks have efficiency of 60-70%.Even its capacity is huge,there is no heating effect i have found.It comes with 2 output ports of 5V/2A which let you to charge two phones simultenously.This powert bank is classy style,slim and durable having weight of 355gms,width and height of 75mm and 160mm.Overall this powerbank is worthbuying as far as it capacity is concerned

10.Flipkart SmartBuy 10000 mAh Power Bank (PL2310)  (Black, Lithium-ion)

As the name itself suggest, this exclusive product is manufactured by the giant e-commerce industry FLIPKART.Priced at Rs675 ,this powerbank comes with capacity of 10000mAh along with a portable charger,It comes with triple output ports of 5V/2.A.It slaso smartcharging and support multiple charging at a time.Its has normal dimensions of 139 x 63 x 24mm .Its weight is normal unlike other bulkier chargers.It is so handy that it can be kept in any pocket as like as mobile.
Flipkart provides 1 YEAR manufacture warranty.

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